Владеть и Отдаваться 2 / Holding Out and Giving In 2 (2020)

Робби является полным новичком в йоге и он еще не осознает, что практика с профессионалом может иметь положительный прогресс и даже закончиться интересным интимным приключением. Именно таким профессионалом является Дези, которая быстро исправит этот неловкий момент и их встреча один на один, вероятно, уже никогда не забудется для обоих. Смотрите новый, сексуальный кинофильм для взрослых, вторую часть, "Владеть И Отдаваться".

Robby is new to yoga and didnt realize that hands-on adjustments can be part of the package - and how intimate that can get. But Desi is a pro and guides them through the awkward moment and into a most intimate one-on-one class that neither of them are likely to forget any time soon... But can they get to their sweet savasana together before Desis next class shows up? Zoe comes over to Kyles house to hang out but his sister is sound asl--p upstairs, recovering from her knee surgery. They keep silently making eyes at each other, but they can barely turn the volume up on the TV, worried not to wake her. They kiss to keep their moans in, and carefully maneuver around each others bodies. When Michael asks his TA to help him grade papers, he didn't expect her to come looking sohot. Athena is dressed for a date she has later. Michael cant help stealing glances and to his surprise, Athena is sending those glances right back. The heat between them rises with every pen stroke but its when Athena is in the bathroom that things take a real turn. Aidra and Emily have shared a particular fantasy for a long time. Today is the day that they make it a reality. When they show up together on their friend Stephanies doorstep, its Stephanies dad, Ryan, who answers. He tells them that Stephanie isn't home. But the girls already knew that-- Ryan is the one theyre looking for.

Оригинальное Название: Holding Out and Giving In 2
Год выхода: 2020
Озвучка: Английский
Жанр: 18+ Teens, Couples, Interracial, Prebooks, Threesomes
Модели: Emily Willis, Aidra Fox, Zoe Bloom, Athena Faris, Demi Sutra, Ryan McLane, Michael Vegas, Robby Echo, Kyle Mason
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